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About the host

Since birth, I have had the unbelievable advantage to be immersed in a very multicultural  environment. Parents of different nationalities, and moving countries every couple of years  opened my eyes to the world. I couldn’t wish for a richer life. I learned the art of striking a  conversation from a very young age, curious about cultures and communities, questioning  everything and everyone across my path, in what I believe is an attempt to understand  what guides behaviors and opinions. 

As I started building a family of my own, and as a direct reflection of my life choices, I  found myself settling in the Netherlands.  

But the urge to meet new people and change surroundings had to be met. That urge  manifested itself every few years through my longing for new beginnings. I temporarily  satisfied this urge by moving house. When my family got larger, I changed jobs. 

With it, I found myself surrounded by people with fabulous diverse individual stories and  passionately driven by their personal aspirations. 

They are my inspiration.  

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