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About the Podcast

I have always imagined life as a tree.

Born from the roots you inherit and raised in a system you experience, there comes a time where you face the necessity of making choices as you grow. At each intersection, you get a number of possible branches to jump on. If you visualise this, you can see the endless possibilities that lie ahead of you.


In life though, you discover the strength and abundance of the knots, twigs, branches and leaves, only when you have chosen a path or started your journey. 


And you do it with the hope that it will lead you to a place of personal flourishing, closer to blue skies and the warm shining sun.  


This podcast series is all about sharing our stories. The failures, the successes, the choices we made and what we want to do next. It’s a means to inspire others and a way to be held accountable.


Have an amazing journey to share? Get in touch. 

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