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Why you might benefit from my podcast.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Two months into this new adventure... i have published 5 great episodes with inspiring guests. And i have more coming. And today, as the initial buzz from the launch passes, i find myself reflecting back on why i started this and thought i would share with you.

It all started in January... at the dawn of yet another year. It really felt like groundhog day, especially as the pandemic continued and i didn't feel at all excited to start another year. If i am completely honest with myself and you ... my thoughts were exactly these " here we go, same shit, another year". Sad isn't it?

Anyways..I was listening to podcasts in an attempt to find some renewed motivation and inspiration for my future and i realised that some of the things i was feeling were not unique.

- Duh! -

That seems obvious but the reality is that when you struggle with things in your life you often think that you're the only one. Your mind somehow zooms in and focuses on your personal struggle. You feel alone in that struggle, you start feeling down, depressed, sceptical about every you think, do or even want. You question everything, your career choices, your life choices, your success in life, your ambitions and your aspirations.... and that can be very detrimental to your mental well being. But i realised that some of the guests on the podcasts i was listening to spoke of having gone through similar phases. They also had - or have right now- some of the same doubts, thoughts, questions. - eyes wide open-.

I didn't feel alone anymore.

Anyone who knows me will say i am a driven individual and very much action driven. I have this fire burning inside all the time that i have learned to control over the years because it didn't always serve me well in my life. So i decided to do something about this realisation. I would dive into attempting to understand how other people go about managing these thoughts, dealing with the emotions and most importantly how they go about finding their way out. As i was doing this research, as i started conversations with people around me, i thought maybe this journey, my journey in figuring this all out could benefit someone else. And if not, it would definitely benefit me.

The Chronicles of Us podcast was born.

Are you listening to the episodes?

Are you on a similar journey right now?

Are you reflecting on your past and rethinking your future?

Are you curious to understand how others deal with similar questions?

If you are, then thank you for subscribing and being part of my journey. I hope it brings you something that helps in yours. And if it does, share with others who might be going through the same.

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