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Finding your niche.

When i decided to do a podcast, i thought my audience was clear: everyone who is thinking about what success means to them.

Turn out that " everyone" is the worst thing you can have as an audience.

But i continued. I invited guests, i recorded and i published. My objective still made sense.

Until one day i realised that actually success wasn't necessarily the focus of my conversations. I realised that i was more keen to unpack the reasons and stories that led people to make life changing decisions in their lives.

So what?

Well i figured i would take this podcast journey for what it's meant to be: a journey. And instead of questioning everything i've done thus far, i "pivot" towards what i feel is my objective now.

But if we really dive into it, the both are often enough related...

You are unhappy or unfulfilled.

You start asking yourself questions.

You get on a journey to figuring out why.

You find out why.

You make a decision.

You change your life.

And the nice thing about this, is that as humans we have the ability to do that over and over over the course of our lives because ...why the hell not!

If you are reading this, then you are interested - thank you for that, sharing is caring!- and so please let me know your thoughts about the episodes and the redirection of its objectives.

And definitely let me know if you know of people around you who have made such decisions and i could have a conversation with.

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