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Damn this social media's brain trap!

Knowing Piaget's theory of cognitive development, and more specifically what that implies is one of the (many) reasons why, in my mind, social media is so addictive.

Think about it: your brain is built to consistently want and seek new information or new experiences: social media is the perfect platform to give you that instantly.

Putting aside the scientific fact that all humans are subject to addictions - so choose yours carefully-, social media will "serve" and further satisfy your brain's inherent need by making you constantly feel engaged and curious.

You want more, and you get more.

Perfect right?

But it gets better: bite size information will help condition your brain to - slowly and without you even noticing- want that new information, whatever it is, faster and faster, sooner rather than later ... you will become impatient, you will get stuck into that loop of need that will ultimately bring you to a state of inevitable constant dissatisfaction when you have consumed all there is available.

It's a very simple formula really: You want more and now + if you don't get it = increased need and frustration.

So then here you are: feeling empty, unsatisfied, feeling desperate, frustrated and irritable. Feeling needy and you don't even realise why.

So what do you do?

You will go look for more, befriend more people, follow more accounts. Those friends of friends you don't know. Those influencers who post more therefore satisfying your need. That vicious circle keeps going... and sucks you in until your eyes bleed.

Well i am struggling with that like most people, on and off. You think you're good and un-hooked. But then you start again being present there and then before you know you're there again, in that same spot, addicted and obsessed.

That being said, please check out and follow my IG account if you don't already:

....guess which stage i am at now...Damn this brain trap!

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