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The compulsive need of wanting more.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

There is this theory ( Piaget's theory of cognitive development) that when a child is born, the brain is pretty much empty and that the information about the world is gathered slowly as the child experiences life events. The information is then stored, and as he/she continues to experience life, new information gets stored. That is called "Assimilation".

However, when a new experience "teaches" him or her that the previously stored information is inaccurate , then the brain of the child will update this information or modify it depending on the variables of that experience. That is called "Accommodation".

The thing is that as humans, acquiring new experiences and information is something we constantly strive for. Technically that does mean that we will always change our minds, always change our perspective and how we see the world. Change is something we will always experience but more importantly always look for in our lives.

How many times have you felt "bored" or "un-engaged" or " uninspired" through your life. How many times have you felt that despite being blessed or having "everything you really need", you felt "incomplete" or "something is missing"?

Well now you know why. And there is nothing you really can do about it.

The only thing you should do is be aware of these facts:

- You have all you need in your life

- Sure you can want more, that's how you are programmed.

- So think deeper about what you get excited about, and make it a fun little project on the side. Have fun, do it...and then move on to the next thing because actually... that's what fun and will keep you excited and alive.

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